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Soul Art Express: Chakra explorations

The Soul Art Express is ready for its maiden journey of creative explorations. Balance your energetic body with mindfulness and ease, for a happy, healthy and joyful journey through life.

The Chakras are energy centres located in our bodies. A balanced flow of energy is essential for optimal health and wellness. These seven chakras correspond to a specific colour. In this online course, we will explore how the energy of each Chakra can be balanced by engaging each of our five senses through art, music, aromatherapy, crystal healing and foods. These everyday practices can be easily integrated into our daily routines for a sense of vitality and joy.

The online course will be delivered through video modules, with optional interactive Zoom sessions.

A kit with materials required for the sensory experiences (Paint kit, aromatherapy candles and Chakra stones) will be shipped to your address.

Link provided upon registration.