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Online Art classes for Adults: Inspired by the Masters.

An exploration of the Art movements from Impressionism to Modern Art. Every week is a study of celebrated works by a featured artist. Tie your aprons and bring your brushes to learn how to paint like the masters!

Swirl your paintbrush around the stars that lit up Van Gogh’s night skies, revel in the dots of Seurat’s Pointillism technique, get bold with the cubism of Picasso, visit Giverny while painting Monet’s Water lilies, transform swaths of paint into flowers with Georgia O’Keefe.

Accomplishments: Students will have a foundation of the elements of design and knowledge of the art movements, study of the techniques used by famous Masters of art, and have a collection of 6 vibrant paintings. 

Online video modules to follow at your own pace. 

PDF handouts will be provided for reference.

Certificate of completion from the Blue Amber Arts Academy.

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