Blue Amber Arts Lounge

Creativity in any form empowers me to find my purpose and joy
The Blue Amber Arts Lounge is open for registrations at IAUSM.

Unlock your creativity , Learn traditional and new techniques to create your own art

Studio Diaries: A Glimpse into the artist studio and processes

Art Bytes: An inside look at happenings in the art world

Acrylic Explorations: Live paint nights to learn acrylic paintings

Fluid Art: Learn the trendy, fun and easy acrylic pouring techniques

Inspired by Masters: Learn art history and create your own masterpieces

 Balance your energy with mindfulness through your five senses

Balance your Chakras engaging your five senses, for a happy, healthy and joyful journey through life.

Share your creations with the community

Discover your personal and business soul colours for navigating your path.


Do you know your personal and business Soul Colours? The colour of the year for you?

The Colour Mirrors system reveals the power of the numbers through the lens of colour. The messages in the bottles can help you navigate through your personal and business journey with intention and confidence. Imagine never being at a loss to select the perfect colour to wear, for decor or branding! Stay tuned for live readings every month in the lounge, and book a private session for your personal empowering experience.

Join the Blue Amber Arts Lounge at IAUSM for full access to all courses


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