Meet Sonal

Sonal Raje

Sonal Raje is a professional artist based in Guelph, Canada. She is actively involved in the local art associations, as well as global ventures that promote the arts.

She is a member of the Canadian delegation that is invited to participate in the annual show of the Société Nationale des Beaux – Arts ( Est 1862) at The Louvre in Paris. She has shown her workat the 2014 and 2016 shows.

At this show, the prestigious Academy of Arts Sciences Lettres (Est 1915) awards Diplomas and Medals to selected artists. Sonal Raje was awarded the Bronze Medal and Diploma in 2014 for “THIN ICE, and the Pewter Medal and Diploma in December 2016 for "MIRAGE."

Artist Statement:

In my Art, I express the inspirations of my soul. I always knew I wanted to be an artist, and chose to be one, but only recently realized the true essence and power of creating art from the soul. The dialogue between the art and the artist is a channeling of messages from the Universe, the Source of all creation.

I create works of art that express emotions through the use of colour, form and texture. I use abstract, non-objective forms to depict the complex mood of a moment, striving to find a sense of harmony in the complexities. I work with contrasting elements which are manipulated through composition and layering to resolve into harmony and balance. At times the use of intuitive processes creates unpredictable results, leading to acceptance and rejoice of the unexpected. These insights help me gain strength from each transition and every challenge, big or small.

My mission is to create paintings that inspire a dialogue with the viewer, and create a space or moment for reflection. It is this reflection that often guides our way through life. I draw inspiration from nature and life experiences to find parallels of this vision.

My art has always been influenced by local landscapes and cultures, and thus has been evolving in new directions. My cultural roots in India, travels through Europe, and the natural beauty of my hometown Guelph have all contributed towards this process.


  • Pewter medal and diploma presented by the ART Sciences and Lettres Society, Paris
  • Bronze medal and diploma presented by the ART Sciences and Lettres Society, Paris
  • Best in show award, for “Crimson lake”- Painting on the Green: Annual juried art show
  • Jurors Award, “Water’s Edge”- Painting on the Green: Annual juried art show, Guelph Creative Arts Association. Award presented by the Mayor’s office, City of Guelph
  • Award in Abstract category-“Abyss” -Art Slant contest
  • Gold Diploma awarded at “Creative Journey” art camp- Liber Arte Hungary

Membership and Representation

  • Guelph Creative Arts Association
  • Guelph Arts Council
  • Art Indulge Foundation
  • Agora Gallery, New York
  • (View online profile in "ArtisSpectrum" Chelsea, NY Magazine)
  • Arts Sciences and Lettres Society, Paris
  • SNBA (Societe Nationale Des Beaux Arts), Paris
  • Com2Art Association, France
  • Vivid Arts Network, Italy


  • June 2017: Guelph Arts Council coverage of Paris show and award
  • May 2015: Coverage of Solo show in Snapd Guelph
  • April 2013: Review of Solo show “Profusion” in Mississauga Time
  • Aug 2013: Coverage of participation in New York show, in Guelph Tribune
  • May 2013: Artist profile in “ARTisSpectrum” Magazine, New York
  • Sept 2012: Featured articles in Newspapers covering Art Indulge art camps in Hungary and India
  • Sept 2012: Critical review of artwork at Hungary Art camp by Art Indulge Director Seema Moghe                                         

Community involvement:

  • 2017-Intuitive arts workshops for special needs community
  • 2016-present: Intuitive arts workshops
  • 2014-present: Volunteer at Hospice Wellington: Assistant facilitator at Art Therapy program. Active participation at community events
  • 2008-present: Voluntary support to the Guelph Creative Association, Newsletter committee and art events, volunteer hours at the Guelph Artisans store

Art Shows:

  • Sep 2018: Artiste Du Mondes, Group show, Cannes, France
  • Aug 2017: Group show-Expressions- Juried Art Show- Guelph Creative Arts Association
  • Sept 2017: Solo show-Waterloo Innovation Center Show
  • Dec 2016: Salon SNBA (National Society of Fine Art, France) International Art Show, Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris
  • Nov-Jan 2016: "Transition"- Solo show at Manhattans Guelph
  • May 2016: “Painting on the Green” Group show-Guelph Creative Arts Association
  • Nov 2015: “Inspired” Group show at Kloefers gallery, Guelph
  • Oct 2015: Solo art display, Cassoulet Events and Catering Guelph
  • Oct 2015:  “Expressions” Juried show, Guelph Creative Arts Association
  • May 2015:  “Painting on the Green” Group show-Guelph Creative Arts Association
  • April 2015:     Solo show “Exotic Rhythms” curated by Remarque Art Consulting, Guelph
  • Oct 2014: Expressions- Juried Art Show- Guelph Creative Arts Association
  • May 2014: “Painting on the Green” Group show-Guelph Creative Arts Association
  • July 2014: “Melting Art Space” Collective Exhibition, Com2Art Association, 
  •  Le Cannet - Côte d’Azur, France
  • Jan 2014: Solo show at Red Brick Cafe, Guelph
  • Dec 2013: Salon SNBA (National Society of Fine Art, France) International Art Show, Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris
  • Dec 2013: India Art Festival, Mumbai, IndiaNov 2013: Art Times, Group show, Cooarswamy Hall, Museum, Mumbai, India
  • Aug 2013: “Street Style” The Emporium LOFT Gallery, Port Credit, Mississauga
  • July 2013: “Degrees of Abstraction” Collective Exhibition, Agora Gallery, New York
  • July 2013: “Art on the Street”, Group show, Guelph
  • May 2013: “Painting on the Green” Group show-Guelph Creative Arts Association
  • May 2013: “Fantasy lives on”, Group show at Studio Vogue Gallery, Toronto
  • April 2013: “Profusion” Solo show at Promenade Gallery, Mississauga
  • Mar 2013: “In the Mids” – Art of Innovation-Group show at Galleria Mentana and Auditorium
  • Al Duomo- Florence, Italy: Vivid Arts Network
  • Nov 2012: Expressions- Juried Art Show- Guelph Creative Arts Association
  • Oct 2012: Art Indulge Foundation-Indian Embassy Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary
  • Aug 2012: Main branch of the Guelph public library
  • Aug 2012: ANK cultural center, Pecs, Hungary- Liber-Arte/Art Indulge foundation
  • Jun 2012: Painting on the Green- Guelph Creative Arts Association
  • Mar 2012: Art Indulge Foundation. 'Intrigued by India, the Zephyrs of Goa'. Collaborative art event with Hungarian Association in India- Goa, Mumbai, Delhi