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I am a visual artist and art educator, with a mission to promote expressive art. Join me in my creative space as we explore the dynamic healing energy of colour. I present art as rejuvenating and fun experience, incorporating the spiritual energy of colors to elevate the products to an unique experience. Art Décor, attire, and accessories add a unique value to everyday living experience and are designed based on a deep study of traditional and contemporary art techniques.
Donning a chefs hat, I bust the myth of the starving artist and also get to share my passion for cooking!

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Blue Amber Arts

Paint kit
Learn the trendy techniques of acrylic pouring art, and unwind creatively in the comfort of your own home!


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Online Art Academy

Colour Therapy

Soul Art Express

Fluid Art Techniques

Unlock your authentic expression with colours.

Colour and sound meditation

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Chakra Explorations

Engage your senses to heal your energy

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Introduction to Acrylic Pouring

With materials and online tutorials

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